Huion Kamvas 22 Review

This week I have been using the Huion Kamvas 22 to create my most recent illustration along with day to day work. The first thing you notice about this graphics tablet is that it is HUGE, I mean real big in comparison to other tablets I have used within the price bracket. I found that the tablet was amazingly comfortable to work with long periods of time as you can tilt it to a wide degree of angles to find that sweet spot to suit you and your working style. The monitor is very vivid and bright making it a real joy to work with. The pen does not require batteries and is extremely comfortable to use, I preferred this pen over my apple pencil which is what I would normally draw with.

Comparing this to a high end Wacom, its not a million miles away. Obviously with Wacom prices you get the extra features and luxuries of using a Wacom however does that price gap really make up for the difference between the two products? I don’t think so, the huion kamvas 22 could easily become your daily driver for professional level illustration amd you wouldn’t for a second be thinking “I wish this was a Wacom instead”, in fact, I plan on using this tablet as one of my main ways of digitally drawing from now on.

All in all, I wouldn’t be disappointed purchasing this tablet for myself, I can see it lasting for years. The quality is very high end and it definitely feels durable!


Huge screen, feel amazing to draw large illustrations on!

Easy to install, only took me a few minutes to get set up.

Pen does not need batteries

Able to adjust the angle of the screen to suit you

Good colour accuracy, I draw across multiple devices and the colours matched pretty much exactly with high end screens

10 replacement nibs included, alwaya bonus

Does not produce much heat, I used the tablet for hours at a time and it never got very hot. some tablets I have used the screen gets extremely hot after working on them for a day and this just did not happen with the Kamvas 22.

Excellent drawing performance, feels great to draw with, I didn’t get any lag and the pressure sensitivity was perfect (you can adjust this to suit your own drawing syle).


I couple of times the pen lost connection briefly, it hasn’t happened much, literally twice all week so I would not count it as a major problem.

No touch screen, I have gotten used to using wacoms and ipdads so being able to pinch the screen to zoom is natural to me, it took me a while to get used to not doing this.

I don’t think that the screen is ips, I have been spoiled with high end monitors where you can not see the pixels no matter how close you get to the screen. You can see pixels if you get really close but it’s not going to effect you using this tablet.


8/10 if this graphics tablet had touch screen I think we would be hitting 10/10 but I am verrng very picky and what can you expect for a product that is much more affordable than a high end Wacom. This is a great tablet for the price and ill continue to use it for a long time.