Andy Williams AKA Andy the Illustrator

My art is heavily inspired by Anime and Manga but with a western twist.

My work is heavily inspired by Anime and Manga which I have been drawn to ever since I can remember, this led me to pursue the study of traditional illustration at Loughborough university, from which I graduated in 2009.

Although I graduated during a global recession, I was extremely lucky to get started in the creative industry almost immediately, landing myself a position within a studio creating illustrations for animation. Since then, I have worked in many creative positions within a variety of studios until I eventually reached my personal goal of becoming a creative director, running my own team creating animations and short films.

After some time, I felt that I needed a new challenge, I wanted to develop my own art style and focus of developing my own ideas for projects and to do so I began freelancing as an Illustrator starting my Instagram which kickstarted this step in my career back in 2017.

Since then, I have been able to work with a wide variety of global brands creating illustrations for advertisements, promotions, comic covers, game art and much, much more.

Currently personal projects I am focusing on include producing video tutorials and developing my YouTube channel.

Head over to my FAQ page to find out more info in regards to my art and commissions or feel free to get in touch.


Comic book covers
Comic book art
– games art
art for film/animation
digital illustration


Mail: andy.williams.freelance@gmail.com

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