Trading Card Game

You’ve seen the illustrations and you’ve read the stories, now play the card game!

Well, when its ready!

Back Story

All my personal projects are set within the same universe, they are all tied into each other is some shape or form. The trading card game aims to help to bring all the characters from Lost Legends of Lazarus universe together in one epic battle that adds and expands on the current stories set within their kingdom.

Rules of the game

Although the rules of playing the game are still under testing and development, I have established core elements that will be key to playing the game. Although it will be a skill-based card game there is also an element of chance with the introduction of dice, much of the skill is reliant on how a player deals with a situation presented to them with each dice roll in defeating their opponent. As development progresses, I will release more specific information on how the game works.

When can I expect to play it?

My Goal is for the game to be available for backing on a fundraising site such as Kickstarter early 2023. As you can appreciate a project like this when done correctly takes considerable time, especially when you are a team of one working on it around other commitments.

Current progress is going well, and I have completed around 40%-50% of the card designs, with a goal of producing 100-150 cards on first release with more to come later. 

My main objective is to release a visually beautiful, interesting, and fun experience for players, I have decided to take the approach of taking as much development time as possible to make sure it is to the standard I and those who purchase it expect.

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